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Age / Grade Eligibility

The philosophy behind the Showcase tournament series is to give teams (both club and school) the opportunity to play in several competitive tournaments at an affordable price point.

All tournaments are open to any team (AAU, YBOA, school sponsored, etc) and are guaranteed three game minimum. Games will consist of two (2) twenty minute halves. The clock will only stop for team called timeouts and during the last minute of each half for all deadballs. Games will be played by TSSAA rules.

2019 Grade Divisions will be determined by the student-athlete's current (2018-19) school enrolled grade level.

Eligible student-athletes are to be determined by current grade levels for the 2018-19 school year. A copy of a report card from the 2018-19 school year shall be verification.

There are no age qualifications to determine eligibility.

Tournament Rules of Play / Guidelines

Each team shall receive 3 full and 2-30 second timeouts per game.

Players can foul out.

Player or coach ejections shall result in a one game suspension or removal from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Games are 20 minute running clock halves.  Clock will stop for all deadballs in the last minute of each half and all team called timeouts.

6th Grade boys and older will play with a regulation boy’s basketball.

5th Grade boys and younger - will play with a regulation girl’s basketball.

Teams will have a minimum of 5 minute warm up time and a minimum of 5 minutes for halftime.  Warm-up and Halftimes can be adjusted at the discretion of the tournament to maintain the POSTED tournament schedule.

Game lengths WILL NOT be adjusted for any reason except for a forfeiture by one team.

Age verification documents are the responsibility of the head coach and must be produced in the event of an age question.  Inability to do so will result in either player disqualification or team forfeiture of game(s).

Seeding Determination:

1. Overall winning percentage

2. Head to Head

3. Winning margin (maximum points allowed is 15)

4. Coin toss

In the event of a three way tie, points will be used to seed all teams within the three way tie.